About Me


My Background


All my life I have had the great desire to create through art. As a small boy I started drawing. I’m not exactly sure how old I was but I suppose that’s because it was too early to remember.

As I grew older I explored all kinds of styles and really enjoyed comics for a great while until I discovered fantasy illustration. This opened my imagination to all kinds of ideas from exotic creatures to alien spacecraft. Then, I started a more conventional kind of job – working in customer service for a manufacturing company. A far cry from the life of an artist.

In my late 20’s I was sitting one evening alone in my small Toronto apartment and I had an overwhelming desire – if not a command – to run out to the art store and buy painting equipment. I never painted with oil colour on canvas  before but I was compelled to try it. So for a few years I worked at learning to paint and actually took time off from my day job to go it alone. I had showings at some prominent galleries. I even had an agent for a while but eventually I had to return to my previous day job.

Later on I met my beautiful wife Azza and soon came along our little girl April. Kingston, Ontario became our new home. Our new living space wouldn’t allow for easel and smelly oil paints so I had to find a new outlet for my creativity and that lead me back to drawing – illustrating to be exact. This time the computer would be my new medium and I had much to learn.

I soon discovered the love of illustrating children’s books and expressing my other great love – the created world – through my illustrations.

Jesus is the creator and the one who has made all this possible.

And the story continues…